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Helping you Nourish your Wild and Precious life.

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My one goal in life, is to help you to nourish your wild and precious life.

Being in the depths of despair after being diagnosed with PTSD, I realised I had forgotten the one vital thing that would have supported me.  I simply forgot to NOURISH myself. As a result, my self esteem and self worth were at an all time low. That was until I started asking myself one simple question: “Is this nourishing my wild and precious life?”. Whilst your answers will be different from mine – I promise you this.  Nourishing yourself is one of the most important things you can do for YOU. Whist my journey is one that is ongoing, I would love to share all I have learnt with you and I hope that YOU will share some of what you have learnt with me.

Check out my musings on my blog where I share my journey with you all. 

Enjoy x