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Helping you Nourish your Wild and Precious life.

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My one goal in life, is to help you to nourish your wild and precious life.


After working as a Nurse for many years, I had cared for many people. I had focused my attention on making sure those in my care got the best of me. Until one day, when I realised I had forgotten the one vital thing. I had forgotten to nourish myself. As a result, my self esteem and self worth were at an all time low. That was until I started asking myself one simple question: “Is this nourishing my wild and precious life?”. Whilst your answers will be different from mine – I promise you this.  Nourishing yourself is one of the most important things you can do for you. The added bonus is that you can nourish yourself in so many ways. Whist my journey is one that is ongoing, I would love to share all I have learnt with you and I hope that you will share some of what you have learnt with me.

Check out my musings on my blog where I share my journey with you all. 

Enjoy x