New Years Goal Setting with Aromatic Anchoring

Jemma Bailey New Years Goal Setting with Aromatic Anchoring notebooksNew years is upon us. Many people make new years resolutions and never stick to them. By February it’s all over – feeling deflated and despondent, many just give up. I must admit, I am usually one of those people. So much so, I have refused to make a new years resolution for the last few years.

But this year is different. I have been creating and cultivating what my new year is going to be for the past few months. Most of 2018 was my year of learning.

It was a year my mental health plummeted and I was diagnosed with PTSD. My relationships with those I love the most started crumbling. I left the job I had worked in for over 10 years, and the career I had been part of for 16 years. Panic attacks and high anxiety just simply to get in the car to get to work accumulated in breaking point. This spilled over into my personal life. I was on edge – all the time. Luckily for me, specialist treatment called EMDR (or Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) helped me immensely. Whilst this is not the end of the story for me, I have come along way in a few short months.

So for me, the rest of 2018 was about learning. About being on a journey to learn and rediscover myself. How to learn to cope with this diagnosis and not to let it BE me. Not to let it control my life as it had done for the last few years.

Jemma Bailey Do something today that your future self will thankyou for pen new years goal

Looking forward to 2019, I have been planning the new me. I have been creating gentle shifts in patterns that are small, tangible, relatable but add up. I have taken small steps in the right direction but I have also chosen an essential oil to anchor into all of my plans for myself for the year.

So why would an essential oil help with my planning? It helps to create an aromatic anchor to connect me to my goals for the year. The trick is to treat your goals as if they have already happened. Rewrite all of your goals as if they have already happened. Write it after asking yourself the following questions:

  • How does achieving these goals make you feel?
  • What does it look like for you?
  • How does that life smell?
  • What does is sound like?

Really get down to the nitty gritty focus on those goals. Do you see yourself sitting in your new house, with views of the ocean, hearing your kids run around in the back yard  laughing and playing whilst you are sipping a cup of tea and reading the new crisp book that you have been waiting all week to read? Or If you have always wanted to have a veggie patch; do you see yourself in your vegetable garden, hearing the gentle buzz of bees on the flowers whilst you gently pull the weeds and smell the dirt on your hands? I hope you get the idea of how to really focus in on those goals.

Now, this is the cool part. By using an essential oil, we can trigger that memory, time and time again. It all starts with the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brain. RAS is a bundle of nerves at our brainstem that filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through. Your RAS takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it. It then sifts through the data and presents only the pieces that are important to you. An example of this is when you buy a new blue car. Then ALL you see for the next month is the exact same blue car you just bought. The RAS has been highlighting the blue car as being important to you. All of this happens without you noticing. The RAS programs itself to work in your favour without you actively doing anything.

In the same way, the RAS seeks information that validates your beliefs. It filters the world through the parameters you give it, and your beliefs shape those parameters. The RAS helps you see what you want to see and in doing so, influences your actions. So this is where the essential oil comes in. Choose an oil that you want to link this goal memory to. Every time you go over your goal and work towards your goal, use you oil. Roll it on, diffuse it, inhale it. Use it every single time. Then as you have events that maybe feel as though your 2019 goal is being derailed, or you are just having a an overemotional time, use your oil. It will help to bring you back to your goal.

So, I guess you are wondering which oil I have chosen? Which is going to be the oil that helps to anchor me into my goals for 2019?

I have chosen Magnolia. Emotionally, Magnolia is a calming oil that enhances the heavenly feeling of genuine connection with others. It highlights valuing one’s true beauty, worth, and divine nobility. It helps to encourage the emotions of radiance, authenticity, heartache, low self esteem and worthiness. Magnolia is right for me.

What essential oil or oil blend are you going to choose to help you cultivate your 2019?


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