Halloween Simple Ghost Garland

DIY Essential Oil Diffusion Method

Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland heading image

Two things I love in life are: being creative and essential oils! So I thought I would get a little crafty and create something for Halloween. These little ‘ghosts’ are super simple to make and are simple to use as a DIY essential oil diffuser.

The steps are super easy and you will have your own little ghosts garland hanging on your wall in no time! To get started you will need the following supplies:

  • 1m (or yard) of white fabric. I used poplin as that is what I had on hand.
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Quilting ruler
  • Thick string
  • scissors
  • Needle
  • Tissues
  • Essential oil of choice

Step 1: Once you have everything you need, cut your fabric in to 15cm squares. I made 15cm squares as that’s the width of my quilting ruler. It made the job super easy. I only had enough fabric to make 14 ghosts but make as many you like!

Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland fabric cut into 15cm squares

Step 2: To start, it’s as easy as rolling up a ball of tissue and placing it into the centre of the fabric. Fold/bunch up the fabric around the tissue. Tie off the tissue in the centre of the ball with thick string to make a ‘head’. You just made your first ghost!

Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland rolled tissue into ball sitting on fabric with 3 pre-made ghosts
Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland making ghosts
Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland finished ghosts prior to threading for hanging

STEP 3: Thread a long needle with a long piece of thick thread to join all your ghosts together. I threaded mine slightly to the side of the head to that they you stick out a little when I hung them on the wall.

Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland threading needle through ghost head
Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland laid out ready to hang

STEP 4: Ghost garland hung on my wall with some of the kids artwork. I love the picture of Groot and the Hulk (which is a perfect combo for Halloween don’t you think!!!) These ghosts are a little ‘thin’. You can keep them like this, or fluff them up a little to make them look a little more ‘floaty’.

Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland hanging on wall thin
Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland hanging on wall plumped up

Step 5: The hard work in making your ghosts garland is finished. But you have one last step. Simply pick out the essential oil of choice and place a drop on a couple of the heads of the ghosts. If your oil is a citrus oil, it may leave a coloured mark so place a drip to the back. The scent from my garland lasted about 3 days before it needed reapplication.

Jemma Bailey Halloween Ghost Garland hanging on wall with hand adding drops of Easy Air essential oil doterra

Now its time for you to make your own little ghost garland! I would love to see your finished products, so head on over to my facebook page, and share your photos with me! You can find me here: https://www.facebook.com/thejemmabailey/


How to: DIY Essential Oil Display

I was scrounging around the local recycling centre (a favourite pass time of my hubby’s. I love him so I go… Ha Ha.) Anyway, I digress. I came across this photo frame that was a perfect size to make a new display for my oils. The one I had was lovely, but it was now too small for my needs. It didn’t fit all of my oil bottles in! With doTERRA convention around the corner I knew I needed another one. Why not upcycle something that was only going to waste. This, with a number of other items we bought came to $5. Bargain.


Here are the steps I did to create my lovely new oil display so you can make one for yourself! Don’t have oils to put in your display? Your missing out! You can get started on your oily journey here.


Step 1. Measured up the photo frame to create the stand that I was going to attach to the back. You can see how I did it in the video below. (The video is a bit hit and miss as I don’t have a tripod and was filming one handed!)

The wood I used was pine, 40mm x 8mm and cost around $5.70 and I needed 2 lengths. I also bought 2 lengths of 6mm wooden dowel which were around $3.60 each. You can use wood sizes to suit your frame. I used wood that was just wide enough to hold an essential oil bottle, so I didn’t need it to be any bigger than this. The wooden dowel is used to stop the oil bottles from sliding off my shelf. This is optional but I like the look of it.


Step 2. I cut the wood using a hacksaw. My wood wasn’t very thick so cutting it this way only took me a few minutes. I was too lazy to get out hubby’s mitre saw. I then sanded back the edges to make it smooth.


Step 3. I then glued the frame together and nailed it together. As I’m not a carpenter, I’m not too hung up of ‘how it looks’. I like the look of DIY being slightly rustic. If you want to make it look a bit nicer, wait for the glue to dry first, before you nail it together. It will also make it a bit easier!


Step 4. Next I measured up the positioning for the slats. This actual cm apart is up to you. I started with a large gap at the bottom as I wanted to store 10ml roller bottles and Spritzers on this shelf. (In this picture, it is actually the 1st slat from the top – you will see what I mean from the finished photo). From there, I tried to keep the rest of the slats even. They need to be tall enough to hold 15ml essential oil bottles, but also tall enough to be able to get them off the shelf easily.


Step 5. I then glued and nailed the slats into place. As before, If you wait for the glue to dry, it will make nailing in place a easier.


Step 6. Back to the photo frame. I didn’t need the backing where the fold-put stand was or the glass so I removed those. I then needed to removed the tabs that hold these in place. I show you how to do that in the video below.


Step 7. I then spray painted the photo frame. I chose black and silver for my frame. I wanted the back of the display to be black, so I sprayed the black of my frame black so it all tied in together once it was finished. I did 2 coats, I also sprayed the display stand black at this stage. You could wait until the backing ply board and wooden dowel was attached to the stand but I chose to do it now. Once the back of the photo frame was dry, I spray painted the front Silver. I did 3 coats on the front as I wanted it extra shiny.

Step 8. I cut some ply board the size of the frame. We had some left over from another project so I didn’t need to buy any more. I measured the wooden dowel and cut to size. I stray painted both the ply board and the wooden dowel.


Step 9. Once it was dry, I glued the wooden dowel and the ply board backing into place. I secured the back with nails and touched up with a little more paint. The pic below is my finished display stand and the photo frame ready to be joined together. As the photo frame is a ‘feature’ and not a vital component, I just glued these together and didn’t use nails. If you want to, you can secure using nails.


Step 10. I wanted the frame to be secured directly to the wall to protect my oils, as I wasn’t sure how heavy the display stand and the oils would be together. Hubby secured it for me using these flat screws. I then gave them a quick spray with some black spray paint. (If you look closely – you can see where hubby scraped my frame with the drill. Aaargh!)


Step 11. This is an additional step if you choose. I wanted some cushioning for my oil bottles, so I cut some black felt to size, and lined the shelves with it. I didn’t glue them down, so that way I can wash them if required.

Step 12. My finished Oil Display, with all of my beautiful oils! Plenty of room for new oils to be added!


Bonus: I have included a pic of my old oil display that I made the same way. The saddest part about this stand, is that I love this gorgeous ornate frame. I was from a much larger frame that I cut to down to size. I regret that now as it was beautiful. Originally, the frame was gold and silver. I wanted to tie some black into it. I randomly wiped globs of petroleum jelly over the frame. I sprayed the frame black. When it was dry, I wiped off the globs of petroleum jelly to reveal the gold and silver underneath. The effect was truly lovely!


If you have any questions just give me a shout! I would love to help you and would love to see your beautiful stands.

Jem x